Gap and Stylist

Gap & Stylist Arabia

One of the best events recently (as you may have seen on instagram) was Gap with Stylist Arabia in the denim section at The Dubai Mall store.

As part of the event I got to pick out two pairs of jeans and with the help of a lovely Gap denim expert my wardrobe has gained two great pairs that I probably wouldn’t have chosen for myself.

One of which is a really light blue pair of girlfriend jeans which I took with me on the actual night of the event – which was all about embellishing denim.

I did have a go myself but it’s actually quite a talent to rip jeans tastefully! So I enlisted the help of one of the team who made it look SO easy!

I’m really happy with them – more on the jeans to come soon, in the meantime some (phone) pictures from the event!

Gap Gap


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