Edinburgh – here we come!

Having lived in the UK for a few years, I have never been further north than the Lake District – and to be perfectly honest I only went that far because my sister very selfishly got married all the way up there!

Well, I’ve decided it’s about time I explored the UK a bit more and have booked a long weekend in Edinburgh for this November. I know what your first reaction will be  – ‘it’s going to be freezing.’ Yes, it will be cold. It will be very cold. I hate the cold. However, I know it will be cold and can plan/pack accordingly so it will be fine. That and the fact that I will just hunt out cosy fires and sit in front of them with a book and some hot chocolate.

With that said, if anyone has any Scottish tips – in particular Edinburgh, please please let me know!

Plenty of time before we go and want to make sure we see all the key things when we’re there.

Just for a taste of what’s to come, here’s where we’re staying:


5 thoughts on “Edinburgh – here we come!

  1. Geraldine

    Ooh the place looks lovely. I haven’t actually been there but I have two Scottish friends and I will ask them for tips.


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