Dinner with a little bit of help

Normally being offered things to review on my blog means an item of clothing, beauty products or a bar/club. Last month however, the offer came from the lovely people at Dinner Time ME.

When it comes to cooking I’d give myself 7 out of 10 in general and 3 out of 10 for imagination. I have a handful of things I can cook and I make them over and over and over. Not the most inspiring way to prepare a meal!

So what happens when you sign up for Dinner Time? First you choose from regular meals or gluten-free and pick a Sunday for your delivery. The boxes cater for either two or four people depending on the house of your household – although as a friend pointed out, she lives on her own and is going to order the box for two and freeze half each time she cooks so the boxes can be bought by anyone.

There are four meals and all the ingredients get delivered to you – I mean ALL, down to the herbs, garlic, measuring cups etc…the only things that aren’t provided are butter, olive oil, salt and pepper. Of the four meals there is one vegetarian, one fish, one meat and one chicken. One of the best bits is that they do all the running around for you – the meat and fish are from Choithrams, organic vegetables from the local Greenheart Organic Farm, authentic Italian pasta from Made in Italia and salmon from Salmontini.

The menu changes each week which is good news if you’re thinking of ordering over a longer period of time as you won’t get bored of the meals. The week I had the box my four meals were chicken and mangetout marinara, chickpea sausage stir fry, parsley fish and pasta alla Genovese.

All prices are on the website – you can order four meals or you can subscribe which is even better value (and you can cancel after the first four meals if you don’t like it anyway). Oh and there is an option for gluten free meals too!

Let me know if you decide to order a box! More to come on the meals very soon.

Dinner Time dinnertimeme2

6 thoughts on “Dinner with a little bit of help

  1. Cecilia Braidy

    Hello Peony & Blue!!
    What a Lovely article about us. Very happy to hear !!
    Great pictures and you wrote it for everyone to understand the concept is so simple and easy.

    Have a Splendid day. Hope we meet soon.

    Very Best Cecilia Braidy Mkt Manager for DinnerTime

    1. Maitha Ahmed Post author

      It really is so simple, normally long recipes put me off trying new meals but this was quick and easy – a life saver when you have a hectic schedule! More coming soon on the recipes 🙂 thanks for reading

    1. Maitha Ahmed Post author

      It couldn’t be easier, they literally pack everything you need in the box and the recipes are really straight forward – no skills needed! Will be posting on a couple of the meals soon!


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