Claw BBQ

I heard a lot of mixed reviews about Claw in Souk Al Bahar but as always decided to try it and make up my own mind.

I went for the first time about a year ago for a friend’s birthday which resulted in a long queue to get on the mechanical bull (not me I might add!)

Suffice to say we had a great night. Good food, friendly service and a really fun atmosphere.

Flash forward a year and we went back a couple of months ago for Mr Maitha’s birthday and again – good food, friendly service and a really fun atmosphere! Claw is basically a crab shack come diner so if you’re looking for Michelin starred cuisine you’re in the wrong place but if you’re after seafood, fajitas, southern style chicken and (the most delicious) fries by the bucket load you’ll love it.

Noone said it was the healthiest dinner either but we’re all allowed a treat from time to time – and if unlike me you’re brave enough, a quick spin on the bucking broncho will burn off some of those calories!

claw bbq

claw bbq claw bbq claw bbq


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