Catching up with yourself

This post is a bit of everything, it’s been a busy few weeks so it’s a catch up on (almost) everything I’ve been upto!

I always find when I get busy and the less time I have to blog, the more I want to – and of course, the more I actually have to tell you all about.

The past couple of weeks have been busy with work but I’ve also been making some subtle changes to my blog. I’ve had some exciting deliveries – all of which will feature on the blog very soon!

The weather has been so up and down it’s been hard to plan outfits and even harder to put together wishlists – are we still wearing thermals, should we not leave the house without an umbrella? Or have we moved into sunglasses season? My guess? Take both!

Fashion and lifestyle


After lots of consideration though, I’ve decided to start doing a few outfit posts. By not doing these I’m missing out on some fun opportunities to style items which I’d love to do. So…watch this space! I can’t say I love the idea of having my picture taken so there might not be many pictures but there will be a few.

There are a few exciting projects in the pipeline so once a few details are all sorted I’ll be able to share these with you too – can’t wait!

Lots of fun planned for this evening/weekend too, bowling tonight and birthday drinks tomorrow followed by a day out with the little nieces on Sunday – bound to be some stories to tell next week!

Hope you’re all well and have been upto some fun things too!

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