You can never have too many bags!

There is no such thing as too many bags!

I have a serious bag addiction so I tend to avoid bag shops which is easier than going in ‘just to look’.

But it isn’t my fault, it’s genetic – my mum is equally obsessed with bags and I remember opening my grandma’s cupboard when I was little and being amazed at how many bags she had stacked up in there!

ASOS agrees that you can never have too many bags – the current collection is amaaaaazing. And not that I’m buying (I’m Really not) it would be an impossible choice even if I was.

Here are some of my favourites:


5 thoughts on “You can never have too many bags!

    1. Maitha Ahmed Post author

      I love them all….maybe if I win the lottery I’ll just buy THEM ALL! Thanks for reading xx
      ps. love your latest post – hence my tweet about the unicorn bag!


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