Brit Stitch

I’ve featured my favourite little Brit Stitch leather bag a couple of times already (here & here) I love the bright emerald green colour and although the bag is only little it’s perfect for weekends when you’re out exploring and want a hands-free option that won’t get heavier as the day goes on.

It’s big enough to fit all your essentials – money, keys, phone, lip balm and I carry far too much around with me every day so it’s also giving my shoulders a rest.

I don’t tend to go for medium sized bags, it’s either huge and slouchy or small but perfectly formed and the other day I was browsing the website and saw that you can now customise your own bag – perfect for fussy bag shoppers! I love the standard colours they offer anyway (there’s a bright lilac and cherry pink that catch my attention) but the option to pick a bag size and have it made in up to three colours of your choice is great for a more personal option.

The bags come in three sizes, mine’s the half pint which is the smallest, for a deeper bag there is the milkman and then the full pint for a bigger bag to haul your stuff around in.

Here’s my emerald beauty:

Brit Stitch

And the make your own:

Brit Stitch Brit Stitch Brit Stitch

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