Bowling at All Star Lanes

This weekend started with a group gathering in Bayswater for a spot of bowling at All Star Lanes.

I always forget how far in advance you need to book if there’s a group of you so make sure to book a couple of weeks before you go!

We started our evening in the All Star Bar sipping out of tall glasses and jam jars….there might have been a few cheeky orders of sweet potato fries too!

All Star Lanes

I worked out I have a favourite ball – not the small green ones like I originally thought but the medium 8 ball!

If you play on a Friday there’s a red kingpin rule – if the pins come down with a red pin up front, bowl a strike and you’ll get a bucket of beer on the house. Now I don’t drink beer but I’m not going to lie…it’s pretty exciting when you get a red pin! And no, I didn’t get a strike!

All Star Lanes

If you work up an appetite during the game, there is a cute diner with retro posters, booth seats and an all-American menu.

All Star Lanes

All in all, a fun night and a great start to the weekend – definitely planning another bowling outing soon!

We bowled at All Star Lanes in Bayswater but there are branches all over London including Holborn and Brick Lane.

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