The Body Shop Spring Collection

One of the perks of having a blog, rather than writing for a website, is that you can really focus on what you want and not anyone else. The other perk is being offered things to review which really introduces you to brands/products you wouldn’t otherwise know or try.

One such example was The Body Shop who recently offered me the chance to try their Spring 2014 collection.

I always remember loving The Body Shop when I was about 12 or 13 and filling the little baskets with goodies for friends’ birthdays – and more recently of course, their famous body butter, one of the best around.

Here’s what you can now buy from the Spring Collection:

Body Shop

The Body Shop body butters are amazing – I read somewhere that the coconut fragrance is the most popular (even though I always went for mango) but this one is definitely worth a try. The Limited Edition body butter for Spring 2014 is blueberry.

I’ve been told that at my age (how rude!!) I should definitely be using Vitamin E Night Serum, well now I have one!


These shimmer blocks are my favourite – I actually already had a set of blues/greys which I’ve had for about five years and still wear. I was really excited to find two in my goody bag.

At first glance I wasn’t sure about the pinks but they actually come up more shimmery than pink, so much so that my photos to illustrate the point didn’t come out very well at all! Suffice to say the inks blocks offer a very light colour and more of a subtle shimmer. The bronze blocks are great for an alternative to a grey smokey eye.

The other great thing is each colour is in its own little plastic box with a lid so you can swap the blocks out and only carry the ones with you that you want on a particular day.


The Body Shop

I’m quite fussy when it comes to lip glosses and while I really like the colours, I find these a little bit sticky – although a friend who also tried them loves them and wears the pink over lipstick, so maybe it’s just me!

That’s the lot – there was also a set of hair chalks included which I have yet to try out! I’m waiting for an event/occasion and have a friend’s hen weekend coming up so will have to think of a way to feature these!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products and are a fan.

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  1. Geraldine

    Ooh these look exciting and very colourful, not at all like my image of the Body Shop products. I think I might try some of yours when I come to stay! (only 11 days now!!!)


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