The Body Shop introduces Instablur

New from The Body Shop is an all-in-one product – Instablur.

Instablur promises to ‘blur imperfections’ and leave you with flawless skin – the perfect finish with just one product?

I tested it out to see if it could be true, here’s what I thought.

The ‘Five action perfector’ promises all of the below:

  • Shine Controlling 12h: it did control shine, which is no mean feat in this weather, maybe not for 12 hours though
  • Reduces appearance of pores: when you first apply it it definitely smoothes over pores
  • Blemish Hiding: I would say a concealer does a better job on this front
  • Complexion Unifying: it reduces redness so if you suffer from blotchy skin it’s quite good
  • Make-up Extending: I didn’t notice this so much but again, with temperatures as high as they are at the moment it would probably need a miracle product to keep your makeup in place a whole day and evening!

All in all I like it but I personally wouldn’t use it every day, I don’t have particularly amazing skin so I try and use as few products as possible to not clog up my pores and this is a gel-like formula so quite thick when you apply it.

The Body Shop

Thank to Hend and the The Body Shop team!

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