Blog tips 1 – How to start your blog

I’ve had a couple of chats on twitter DM recently about starting a blog and it occurred to me that a lot of people still think that they can’t start a blog or that you need to know something in particular in order to set up a blog. Hence this post!

The truth is, you don’t need anything other than an idea and a laptop/computer to get going. Obviously it takes more than that to keep a blog going but anyone can do it – if you want to.

Here are my top 5 tips to get going:

  1. Name and voice: Pick a name that means something to you, and something that will stand the test of time so nothing too faddy as you want to keep the same blog name for as long as possible. Keep your own tone of voice so you sound real
  2. Get social: Social media platforms are a great way to connect to other bloggers and people who might have similar interests and ultimately – want to read your blog
  3. Keep it up: Possibly the most important and something I’ve not been that good at recently – keep it up! Don’t post once every other month and expect to grow a huge following
  4. Don’t copy: There are lots and lots of blogs out there, don’t copy any of them! Be a version of yourself online
  5. Pictures: Always use pictures where you can – and preferably your own, if a blog is visual it’s more likely to attract people to read more posts

So go forth and blog if you’ve been thinking about it – and have fun with it! Oh and please share your blog links 🙂


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