Beauty swap

Blog beauty swap

A few weeks ago Tara from My Mash Up Life and I decided to do a beauty swap.

We’ve been friends since secondary school when we used to use each other’s things all the time and now, both with blogs we’re always sharing beauty favourites so we thought why not actually do a swap instead of just asking what the other one was loving at the moment? The other reason for doing the swap was that Tara moved to Bahrain a few months ago so we don’t see each other as often as we used to so it’s a nice way to keep in touch!

With much excitement I went off shopping – guilt-free when it’s for someone else which is the best bit! Armed with an empty basket I started to pick up a few things that a) I have used and love and b) I have wanted to get for awhile but just don’t need/haven’t got around to yet.

With my selected items all wrapped up I popped the package in the post and waited with excitement for it to get to Bahrain and be ripped open.

And ripping was exactly what I did when I got my own little parcel! Wow. Too much excitement for all these amazing things.

Beauty swap


I’ll be doing a full review of all these beauties soon! Thanks again Tara mwuah!xx


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