ASOS hauling

ASOS is one of those sites I look at once a week…at least. I don’t know what it is about the site but I’m drawn to it on a pretty regular basis!

Although I hardly ever place an order I just add things to my basket which sits there as a wishlist. Until one by one the items sell out in my size and get removed from the list – and then I start all over again!

A couple of weeks ago I placed an order for sale items (you might remember a big dress sale) and then about three days after that they sent me a sneaky email (they’re so good at that) reminding me that I had ‘forgotten some items’ but that ‘it wasn’t too late’.

Of course I was suckered and ordered a pair of converse and a pair of jeans.

The things about ASOS though, is that a) you never know what will fit and b) they make returns so easy, most other online shopping sites could learn a thing or two from ASOS!

So this results in more frequent/ less guilt-ridden purchases to try things out knowing that half of it will be returned.

Which is exactly what has happened! However, I’m happy with the few items I have left!


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