Anthropologie homeware heaven

One of the best places for a window shopping session is definitely Anthropologie – both for clothes and pretty jewellery and also my current fav (aka I’m getting old) – homeware.

The stuff is amazing but there is also something about the way they present everything. The kind of place where all the rainbow mugs look amazing all stacked up in rows so you can’t leave without buying one in your favourite colour…only to get home and realise, it’s a nice mug…but the effect is lost unless you have all 22 of them! Yep, they have a strong merchandising and display team!

It isn’t just the shops (although they are literally like Aladdin’s caves full of treasure), the website does it too. Last year I stalked the site when the sale went live and an item I REALLY wanted sold out. What was it? A set of whale measuring cups. I kid you not. Three ceramic measuring cups….in the shape of whales. I can’t explain it, I didn’t need them. They were weird. But something about Anthropologie makes you feel you need these things, they will change your life!

Anyway, my current favourites are a little more…’normal’? There are some really beautiful things and when the sales are on, they aren’t too extortionate. Plus it’s the perfect place to pick up presents – for people who also love homeware but also those friends that are just always so hard to buy for!

ps. I never did get my hands on those whale measuring cups…


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