Barrio Central

Amigo hour at Barrio Central!

What is a Barrio? Why would you want to go to an Amigo hour? How long will it take you to get there and do you need a visa?

The answer to these questions, in reverse, is no, it depends where you’re coming from, oh so many reasons and please see below:

Barrio Central

What is a Barrio?

bar•ri•o \ ‘bär-ē-ō, ‘ba-rē-ō\
[ n. pl. bar•ri•os ]

1. An urban district or quarter in a Spanish-speaking country.

2. A chiefly Spanish-speaking community or neighbourhood in a city e.g. El Barrio, Spanish Harlem, NYC.

3. Where like minded individuals gather to sip cocktails, shoot tequila, eat pinchos and booty shake to ghetto beats.

Barrio Central

Barrio Central

Point 3 is most likely to give you the best idea really. Barrio Central is a fun, quirky bar in Soho.

Decked out in tropical brights and home to one of the most fun DJs in central London, this place knows how to party!

And if you’re so busy having fun you don’t want to queue at the bar then book an area and take advantage of the table service for a small surcharge.

Barrio Central

Barrio Central

Head down to Barrio Central on 6 Poland Street, Soho, London.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 3pm-1am

Sat: 12pm-1am

Sun: 12pm-11pm


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