Afternoon tea at Fairmont the Palm

It’s so boring talking about weather (and listening to people complain about it) so I’m going to skip over this next point really quickly – with the temperatures rising steadily at the moment (not a complaint, merely stating a fact) finding things to enjoy inside becomes even more important.

One such activity I would highly recommend is afternoon tea – not just any afternoon tea, the tea at Fairmont the Palm.

My goodness this is like tea meets brunch, the variety (and quantity) is vast so whether you’re one for fruity desserts or a chocolate fiend you’re sure to enjoy it. Although it goes without saying if you’re not a dessert person (what is wrong with you??) this isn’t for you.

One to try before Ramadan starts or bookmark it for August onwards!

It starts off with an extensive list of teas, coffees and iced drinks to choose from – and you are more than encouraged to try as many as you like! Don’t fill up on iced fruit tea though because before you know it your four tiered stand will have arrived. Now there were four people in my group and when two huge stands made their way to our table we were already wondering how on earth we were going to finish everything – when two more appeared, yes you get one each and they are gigantic!

Fairmont the Palm Fairmont the Palm

Before long you’ll be informed that your scones are being warmed in what is the only multiple course afternoon tea I’ve ever had. But while we’ve established the quantities are immense, it isn’t this that I would rave about – it’s how delicious everything is. So it was over to a more relaxing sofa for our scones (you don’t have to tell us twice!)

While we were examining the never-ending menu to order more tea, we were reminded not to miss out on the dessert buffet. A quick scan of the lounge and we discovered the back wall was set up with plates and trays and jars of goodies. Alas, this was all too much for us but it looked amazing and if I ever go back I will definitely be sampling some of it.

But wait, I’ve missed a huge thing – the views are to die for so make sure you get a table by the window or if you don’t go until autumn, sit on the terrace!

Fairmont the Palm Fairmont the Palm

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