A weekend to catch up

This weekend we made no plans at all. That is, we planned to have a catch up weekend so we had lots to do but all in our own time.

I spent Friday night catching up with ex-colleagues at The Porterhouse while Mr Maitha played pool and foozeball over beers with his work pals.

Saturday was then all about a lazy start to the day followed by a stroll down to a comfy coffee shop for coffee, hot chocolate and a catch up on books/magazines that we never have time to read during the week and of course blog posts that I’ve been meaning to write for ages!

One of my favourite things about this is people watching. You always get a mix of people coming and going (especially when you sit in one place for five hours…yes, five).

This visit did not disappoint, here were my favourite people to watch:

– The couple who must have been in their 80s who came in and ate soup and shared a sandwich for their lunch.

– The family of seven, two parents, twin girls and three boys – all muddy, all wearing bike helmets and all scoffing down chocolate cake.

– The group of teenage girls who shared strawberry milkshakes and gossiped about what boys would be at the party tonight – nothing much changes then!

On Sunday we joined my sister, brother-in-law and two little nieces for lunch and a catch up at Shoreditch House…trying hard not to think about Monday morning when we’d have to stop being lazy and indulgent and get up bright and early for work!

Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends too, let me know what you’re been upto!



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