A sunny weekend in Brighton

I spent pretty much all of last weekend in Brighton – my old student town!

I was there for a social media/blogging conference so much of the weekend was spent inside but it was still lovely walking in the sunshine between the hotel and conference venue.

It was a great event put on by Michael Ball of Travel Massive and Paul Dow, the one and only TravMonkey.

The event was really well-organised and I managed to get along to a fair few sessions on varied topics, from travel photography to advanced SEO and social media.

Each session was led by an expert in that particular field and I came away feeling even more inspired about my own blog as well as working with bloggers in my day job as a travel PR.

Now ironically Iā€™m rubbish at taking photos on my travels but here are a few shots of my sunny weekend in Brighton!

My top Brighton spots:

– The pier and seafront

– The Lanes for lazy wanderings and browsing

– The Pavilion – it’s gorgeous, have a picnic in the gardens!

Hope you all managed to make the most of the summer weather too!

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