2016 interior design trends to look out for

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s always a time of year when people think about fresh starts and change. One of the main areas (probably just after careers) is interiors.I caught up with Hamdi Ben Yaghlane, Designer and Managing Partner at DND Contemporary Furniture Studio to find out what the key design trends for 2016 are going to be and get his personal take of how to apply these in your home.

2016 design trends

  • Year of the Metal
  • The Spirit of Nature
  • Bold Colours
  • The Age of Sustainability
  • Outdoor Living Areas 
  1. What are your top tips for adding elements of these trends without having to redecorate whole rooms?

 In order to revamp a room and give a new perception of its interior without redecorating completely, you can introduce new trendy objects made of natural materials such as metal, stone or wood treated with different finishes and textures. The introduction of vibrant elements will create a new dimension in the room, bringing freshness or adding a luxurious touch to the existing interior.

These elements can be in the form of a furniture piece, for example a table with stone top, or an armchair with fur or texturized leather, but it can also be small accessories made of copper or bronze on shelves, decorative plates and vases on center tables, or a stylish pendant light-which can also bring a novel vibrant lighting effect in the room.

Another easy tip to convey natural elements or new textures and colors with a strong effect is to use wall paper on one side of the wall, or combine it with other elements such as cushions and small accessories.

  1. Of all the trends, which is your personal favourite?

When the beauty of natural elements brings out the pure lines of contemporary minimalism that is my personal favorite.

  1. What is your main inspiration?

My main inspiration has always been and remains Architecture. I’m fascinated by the Art Deco design period. The sobriety of the geometric lines, the emphasis on the beauty of the material crafted to perfection that gives nobility to a furniture piece, these are the sources of design.

  1. How do you feel the design industry has changed in the region recently with events such as Design Days Dubai, Downtown Design, and Dubai Design Week and of course the new design district d3?

Events such as Design Days Dubai, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Design Week are propelling the regional artistic drive in general, by pushing local artists into an extraordinary new dynamism that is enriched by the multiculturalism of these events. Dubai is not only a booming design market, but it’s also becoming day by day an open air museum.

  1. How much do you think the fashion runway influences design and vice versa?

There have always been interconnecting links between the different fields of creation and design. In today’s super visual and connected world the borders between them are constantly blurred. Many fashion designers are constantly creating furniture pieces, while architects are designing all types of clothes, including shoes. In the end, we all share the same sources and references: materials, colours, texture, shapes.

DND Contemporary Furniture Studio offers design services for space and furniture layouts for soft design elements and offers bespoke furniture to is clients. The studio offers an all-modern take on contemporary furnishing, one that focuses on crisp craftsmanship execution, common sense comfort and vivacious organisation.

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